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    Patience, Mija

    Patience, Mija

    Hey Mami,

    It has been so difficult to find the time to write and get all of my thoughts together. I’ve been feeling a little discouraged because I haven’t been as active on the mami social media pages. It’s really hard to balance both pages and sometimes my personal page is more poppin’. Priorities, I suppose!  A balance between a business and starting up my micro-influencer life lol.

    Steven and I have a lot of discussions because we both have very similar goals and passions. The ultimate goal is to someday work 100% for ourselves. We are extremely creative people and it’s also extremely difficult when our corporate 9-5 work jobs don’t allow us to have “creative” time.

    I am in a leadership position that is very demanding. I don’t really get to clock in and clock out.  I am responsible for people outside of myself and I take that responsibility seriously. I can’t do a mediocre job because I care about my team and I want them to be successful. Once I’m out I also have to be a mom and girlfriend. Sometimes I feel stretched so thin! I could work at night, but I also know that they need my quality time. Again, it’s a balance and I’m constantly making tough decisions about how I’m going to use my time.

    I guess I’m more cautious now. We’ve been through a lot as a family and I used to be the type of person to just go HARD at everything. I would be up super late at night, stressing out, obsessing and making everyone in the house or around me miserable as hell. After many breakdowns and moments of insanity it finally hit me. I truly realized that nothing on this Earth is more important than your family or your health. I can hustle as hard as I want, but I have to make the right choices for us all.

    The problem is I’m impatient AF. I work so hard and I feel like the industry I’m pursuing is over saturated. Everyone wants to be an influencer, capitalize on women empowerment and do the Latina thing. How do you even make yourself stand out? I know my WHY. I know my message and I feel like that’s what is really important. I understand these things take time. I’m also trying to be gentle with myself when I am feeling like I’m falling short of what I should be doing to get where I want. It’s so corny to say that everything has its own timing. Some people blow up by pure accident and others it just takes time to build. I think what Priscilla and I are creating is definitely worth the wait.

    So for now, I’ve decided to be happy doing what I can. I am not going to worry about the timeline or how much I can put on my plate. I am going to take small steps and find new ways to constantly improve SOMETHING that I’m doing, even if it’s small. What matters is that I keep moving, not the pace at which I move. What matters is that I don’t give up and celebrate the small wins. Because what I may think is small is HUGE to someone else who may not have the opportunities that I do. I will stop comparing myself to others and have fun.


    Do any of you feel this impatience with your passion projects or business? Comment below with your experience and how you’ve redirected your thoughts!


    Kampgrounds of America- Williams

    Kampgrounds of America- Williams

    Hey Mami!

    It was definitely an eventful weekend. We just got back from Kamgrounds of America in Williams, AZ! We were so incredibly thankful to have gotten an early Dia De Las Madres gifted trip. I really needed a little quick get-away trip and quality time with my family. It was awesome because Priscilla and her family came as well.


    Priscilla got there Friday and I got there early Saturday morning just in time for a hayride tour. I have never been to Williams, but I felt like we got there quick. I say that because I wasn’t the one driving J What I did like about KOA is that immediately upon arrival they had everything ready for us. We had a map and all of the activities for the weekend. All of the staff greeted us and were so nice!

    We got to ride around the grounds, see where everything was located, looked at where people can bring their RVs, where the cabins were and even the tipis (teepee). I was shocked to learn that people do decide to camp out in those. I feel like it would either be way too hot outside of super freezing, so that wouldn’t be my first choice, but still very cool if you’re into that kind of thing! They had outside restrooms that were super clean! Seems silly, but that was really important. My son was even impressed! Lol. It’s definitely catered to families and they think about everything, even your pets. There are two different dog parks on site.

    What the kids really cared about: heated pool, jumping pillow, park, go-carts, mini golf, and hiking trails.

    We had such a blast taking them out for the day to enjoy all of those activities. We didn’t have to leave the campsite to do anything other than get groceries to eat at the cabin. It was fun and relaxing! We didn’t eat at the little restaurant they had on site. We’re all super picky with food so it was better to make our own and be able to let the kids play and be loud outside. At the end of the night we had smores and hung out by the fire. The great thing was that the kids were super freakin tired and as soon as I gave them showers they were OUT! Haha. We were only there for 1 night, but I think it was more than enough for all they got to do in 1 day.

    I can’t speak for all Latino families, but mine has always loved to go camping up north! We even got statistics up there that talked about the percentage of Latinos that love to go camp out and where they go. I didn’t really think about it until I got up there and realized all of the times I had gone growing up. The family always went in huge groups around the Heber area, dragged all the kids, family rvs and partied all weekend. Looking back, it was more for the adults lol. Unless there was a park at the campground all the kids were “bored”. Even more so now when they don’t have WIFI. I didn’t hear my kids say they were BORED once and it was magical. I will say though, if we ever went again I would probably go to the KOA that is in Flagstaff. The only reason I may recommend going to a KOA that’s a little bit closer to a bigger city is because it gives you more options to explore what’s around. Otherwise, if you just want a trip that’s all about the muchachitos, family campgrounds like KOA are the way to go!


    Image Skincare

    Image Skincare

    Hey Mami!

    I know you mujeres are really into beauty so I'm really excited to write about something out of the norm for me! I'm not even going to front... now that I'm almost 30 I'm starting to worry about my health and my skin. La treintona problems! lol. I'm not a licensed esthetician and I have no idea how to explain all of these products any more than you do. All I know is that my skin is super sensitive and everything irritates it. Certain skin care products itch my skin or feel harsh. 

    A couple of my friends and I got invited to an event put on by Image Skincare where they talked about the company and their products. There were a couple of things that stood out to me the most. They are AFFORDABLE! They are professional products and not just something random you can get a Sephora. They are barely being made available to the overall consumer market. They were previously offered in spas or with estheticians. It's great because you don't have to break the bank in order to have professional skincare products! 

    I don't have time as it is and I never know what in the hell to buy so they made it very simple for me! https://imageskincare.com/first-class-skin-favorites

    1. Take off the mugre with their makeup remover wipes. I love that they feel soft on my face and don't feel like you're wiping hard as hell. They also don't smell like alcohol or chemicals that are peeling off my face. After using those wipes you don't even need to wash your face after. 


    2. After you take off all the mugre, you can apply the cleanser. It feels kind of bubbly and it all smells like oranges 

    3. Apply the serum

    4. Apply the moisturizer that has SPF in it. The statistics that were shared on skin cancer were absolutely terrifying. I'm about to go buy some for Steven and the kids too! That's how paranoid I am now. 

    5. Last optional step was for my lips! They are always dry and cracking. I love that I can put it on my lips and it feels like it lasts ALL day. My lips stay hydrated. What's even more amazing is that each time you purchase this product a portion of the money goes to reconstructive surgery for children!


    Some extras!

    -Mermaid mask & the Hulk mask. Jojo and I did it and so far I'm definitely #teammermaid It's definitely worth trying out. If you guys have any more questions please let me know. You can also call or chat with their customer service who are ALL licensed estheticians. 




    National Women's Month- With Toyota

    National Women's Month- With Toyota

    So many updates for the week! WOW. It’s been an incredibly busy month with new opportunities. I think it’s interesting that every time I want to throw in the towel and have a mild mental breakdown, God throws a little message in my inbox from someone wanting to work with us.

    Asi es la vida. Mi dios tiene humor. Que chistosito, no Chuy? :) lol. I was sitting at my desk at work ready to pull out all of my hair and complaining to Steven. That same day I got a notification in my email. This time it came in the form of Toyota for an event for National Women’s Month. A couple of us influencer mamis got the opportunity to meet with some other chingonas from Toyota and UMOM. Any time we get to do community service Priscilla and I get excited. I don’t think there’s anything more gratifying than helping someone else.

    I was able to go buy $100 worth of necessities for women and children to be able to donate. We also got a cute little car to go shop in. I got the 2019 Toyota Avalon to cruise in! The kids absolutely loved it. Honestly, if I ever purchase another sedan Toyota is the way to go. The technology they have right now is perfect for people who can’t drive, like myself! Real shit… I was pulling out of the parking lot and didn’t see a car coming so the car literally hit the breaks for me. You can’t even cross lanes without putting your blinker or it will beep at you. If the car feels you going out of your lane it almost jerks a tad bit and redirects you. It’s cray! I loved it. There are so many little nuances to the vehicle that I loved. And the size was so nice for the kids and I. If you have any more questions about the Toyotas I’ve had so far PLEASE ask me!

    We started the event day doing community service at UMOM. We got a tour of the facility and I was so blown away with all of the amazing things they offer. I have to admit, I knew about UMOM but didn’t have a full understanding of all the services they offer. We all have hard times, but I’ve never experienced homelessness. It really made Priscilla and I want to get involved for Adelante Mami to potentially make that a home for community service. They have a career center, a child development center, a store where they can get clothes and other items, a center for the kids to do activities, ect. It’s essentially their own little community with every resource they need on campus to get back on track. After our tour we helped sort through and organize books that were donated for a volunteer program. People go in and read to the kids! It also gives the parents a little break as well. If you are interested in volunteering, please visit https://umom.org/volunteer/


    After volunteering we had a nice little brunch at Pomelo's in Phoenix. It was really cool to be able to get to know the other girls and share our experience as an "influencer" or in my case very super MICRO influencer lol. I'm really big on community and collaboration so I was totally just taking advantage of having a seat at the table and learning about everyone else's experience. It also motivated us to keep going and creating content. We all have a very unique path and niche for what we do. After brunch we got an exclusive look at the new RAV4- https://www.toyota.com/RAV4/  very trendy and tech savvy car! Our tour of Phoenix was pretty cool because we learned about the badass women in AZ. I've been here my entire life and still didn't realize the history of women here. Overall it was such a great day and amazing experience. Check out this little recap of our fun filled day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4m77zWtasc




    Social Media Workshop

    Social Media Workshop

    This past weekend we had a social media workshop and I think it was a success! I guess we never know if it’s really good or not when Priscilla and I are the ones hosting it lol. The girls that attended said that it was, so we’ll just run with that. Putting together any type of event takes a lot of work. It’s so time consuming! We were originally going to have our friend Victoria host it, but she had some family things to take care of and we decided to still have it and host ourselves. Since it was a very basic intro to some apps, it was no biggie!

    Not only did we have to put the content together last minute, we also had to focus on promoting it. Priscilla and I have full time jobs and families so we tag team a lot of the work that needs to be done. I recently watched a video on Instagram from Carlos Reyes talking about is partner. He said he wouldn’t be where he is without him. He talked about the amount of hours he can put in alone and the amount of hours that are put in between the two of them. The chances of success are doubled! It works the same way for us. We create on random down time and in between time of family duties. We just make it work!

    I had to close at work the night before and worked from 10am-7:30pm. I got home, still had to put some stuff together and organize the workshop flow. I got up at 6am, got ready, packed my car, went to the grocery store to get the shit for mimosas and was at the studio by 9am. I slammed a redbull and was ready to go! The best part about what we do is getting to know the women attending and what they are working on. Some were bloggers, youtubers, estheticians, authors, podcasters and other creative entrepreneurs with amazing ideas! We’re all in the same boat trying to figure it out together and sometimes drowning together. It was a good mix of showing women how to create clean content and also teach them what will drive more traffic to their page. We’ll have to see what they come up with on their own and promote them on here as well! What apps do you love to use to create content for your page? Help a mami out!