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    Isela- Artmostfierce

    Isela- Artmostfierce

    Hi you beautiful beings! Thank you for finding yourselves here in front of the screen and holding this time and space for me. My name is Isela, and I am a phoenix based freelance writer among other things. Many people always ask me “why writing?” and “how did you end up being this good?” (haha so I’m going to lead with a good laugh first) I don’t think I chose writing, it kind of just chose me. And I didn’t get so good on my own. I had my mom, who introduced me to writing at a very young age. See she was a teacher, and I was the student she sought after the most…no way was I going to get away with being illiterate or not be able to articulate my words. Also, school helps. It gives you the fundamentals, the regiments, and expectations. But when it comes down to the nitty gritty- you’ve either got it or not. Funny thing is- I used to HATTTTEEEE writing.
    My mom did this thing when I was growing up where she would torture me and have me journal every night, of course that was after getting done with some reading and writing her a summary on what I read. Eventually writing became, my one outlet. And thank God it did. My mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer when I was 11, and from then on life changed for me…for all of us. Years passed by and she fought that long hard battle for 8 years. When I was 19, I lost my mother and my world collapsed. I wanted nothing to do with anyone or anything. I moved back to LA for a few months and just lived in a state of numbness. Which wasn’t really living. It wasn’t until I came back to Phoenix, that I felt the need to feel something. I alone, immersed myself in the world of spoken word and poetry. But eventually I wanted more. I wanted to see things done differently and I wanted to do it myself. So I played with the idea of starting my own events, my own projects, and my own brand. That’s how ARTMOSTFIERCE came to be. So I worked towards it, got the ball rolling. Soon enough I had done it. We put on our first event and released eight online interviews highlighting local artists on October 22nd of 2015.
    From then on, ARTMOSTFIERCE has served as an innovative platform hosting a home to those who inspire us, social projects, and community events. And because I am a person who is always eager to learn, I learned all of it. From hosting an event, the back end of a website, lighting, photography and some video content- I can say I’ve actually nurtured and brought this baby to full term. Looking back and fast-forwarding to present day, writing is not just a job. It’s something that helps me venue my hardships, gives me an outlet to what I feel and it makes me be heard. As a Hispanic woman, I have a lot of boundaries to push. Everywhere I’m told “no”- I’m going to clap back and say “CLARO QUE SI”. Age, gender, and ethnicity discriminations are a real thing, but I want to pave the way for the woman who come after to me. Let them know, that know one can stop us. Ser mujer, es poder hacer magia.   
    Advice on love: 
    My advice on love is, be welcoming to it. Remember to give it a proper home, nurture it, let it bloom and grow. Love can be messy, it can be confusing and even scary…but you are deserving of it. Real, butterflies in your stomach, I can’t stop thinking about you, you are my safe place type of love. Don’t cheat yourself out of it. Love hard…unapologetically. That’s what we’re placed on earth for, to provide light and love.  Oh and one more thing…bask in that feeling when you’ve got it and it’s reciprocated. I’ve learned you can’t always be too safe.  


    If you hum, I’ll sing…. 

    My lips can spill a song 

    a song that will taste like the skin 

    of the man I loved. 

    And the words that flow out of my mouth are like 

    the very thoughts he had. And every vowel, every syllable  

    tastes like the romance we shared.  


    My lips can also spill a song  

    of sadness.  

    A song that will make you taste the dirt in between your teeth 

    and will have you spitting out words wicked enough to  cut through 

    the very ones you love. Words that turn into swords in a battlefield.  


    My lips can spill a song  

    dedicated to the ones that left me behind. 

    I’ll say 

    This is for the ones who loved me  

    but didnt love me enough to stick around till the sun rose up 

    for the ones who decided to chase after the girl with  

    the long hair and the hips that swayed like waves dancing towards the shore 

    for the ones who said, I deserved better. 


    My lips can spill a song 

    that’ll show you how much you mean to me 

    show you that when you aren't around you're still on my mind 

    and I’ll describe the scent that lingers on my clothes after  

    I spend an afternoon with you 


    My lips can spill a song of everything I’ve felt 

    of everyone who has traced their fingers around my heart 

    a song for the ones who deserve it 

    a song for the ones who broke me like a record 

    but even then I’ll let my lips spill the song  

    because like a bird…I’m no longer afraid 

    afraid to soar the sky, while singing you a song. 

    --- I.López-Ramos 



    Hey everyone my name is Jessica, I also go by Jess, Baby J, and Shorty. I am 26 years old and am from South Phoenix, by way of Texas. I am the second oldest of 7 brothers and sisters and growing up we were in and out of foster care and in-between homes quite frequently. Writing became a way for me to escape my reality. And today I instead use writing as a form of therapy to help me cope with my reality verses run away from it. Because of this it has helped me to heal a lot of the wounds I have from different things I have experienced throughout my life. And my number one goal with my writing is to help others to also heal verses escape their situations no matter what that looks like for them. We have all been gifted with the same power to shape our destiny. The only difference being, do we all know what that power is and how to access it and use it to the best of our ability?

    In today s society, everyone needs all the motivation they can get. With the struggling economy and national turmoil surrounding issues of war, division and oppression, society has become more and more in need of a voice for progression on an individual level. After all, how can an entire society of individuals push for growth and improvement when the individuals themselves are struggling to grow and improve? If we cannot push for change from the top down then we must focus on working our way from the bottom on up. We have been provided with guidance from great visionaries ranging from Plato to Maya Angelou and so many others that can be named. But as time continues to pass the amount of voices speaking out for self-growth and improvement has begun to dwindle as the world becomes more in need of powerful and positive voices.

    I am here to encourage you to be that voice. No matter what the people around you are saying. Share your stories, tell your truth, and allow your life to set the example for what healing and happiness look like. The journey won’t always be easy as embracing vulnerability, especially in a world where bullies have easy access to us all, can be like ripping a band aid off of an open wound. But one mantra I’ve learned to practice is, “Pain is temporary, pride lasts forever.” So push through the ugliness, pain, heart break, and even the pride. Push through it all. Share your true self with the world and watch as the universe begins to shift in your favor.

    I myself have found different outlets/tools that I use to tell my truth and heal myself and these include motivational blogging, spoken word poetry, photography. You can follow all of my work via Facebook and Instagram;

    @jessicaleerandon/@mind.full.motivation/@jessicarandonphotography Or check out my websites at www.mindfullmotivation.com or www.jessicarandonphotography.com


    Boy Bye!

    By Jessica Lee Randon

    Once upon a time when I was just a teen

    I met a man who promised me the world and sold me a dream

    I swore I found love when I met you

    For a young girl with 2 parents who struggled with addiction your attention

    Was something I wasn’t used too

    So when you told me that you were actually with somebody but that you wanted to be with me too

    I had yet to develop a sense of self-worth and the only thing I thought I’d ever have was you

    I said that I loved you even though I felt it might have been too soon

    But you reassured me when you said that in fact you loved me too

    So as I sit staring a pregnancy test strip wondering if I had your seed in my womb

    I turned to you

    Is this it, will you be my forever, you said nah man it’s too soon

    I’m still talking to someone else and she’s been wanting kids too

    You left me shiftless, stuck between a rock and a hard place lacking ambition

    Night turned to day and day turned to night I was left to cope with a decision

    Was I wrong or was I right

    I was only a girl and I was so very naïve

    I had no idea that the time we spent meant nothing to you and everything to me

    You told me that eventually you’d let go of her and that you wanted me to wait for you

    It took some time before I realized that you had played me like a fool

    Months go by and we don’t speak but then you decided to reach out to me

    A different girl now with many lessons learned you keep asking me if I’d ever let you return

    What happened to her? Well….she got pregnant and we have a family now….

    You’ve got to be kidding man. WOW!

    When I tell you my heart hit the bottom of my gut it was like I saw a ghost

    I couldn’t breath and tears flowed down my cheeks

    From here on out my heart would remain shut.

    For this bullshit I would no longer be the host

    How are you going to ask me for my time

    When you made it clear I would never be enough

    Years go by and I’m a grown ass woman now.

    I’m not so much stuck in the same rut

    I’ve learned to develop a sense of self worth

    I’ve gained an understanding of what I deserve

    I’m no longer keeping my heart shut

    And I pitty the fool that has the nerve

    To try and convince me that I’m his everything

    But when things get to heavy

    You turn around and make me feel like I’m the nut

    Telling me that I’m not good enough to be with but only good enough to fuck

    You got me fucked up

    I know what I’m worth

    An independent woman with a heart of gold

    Who busts her ass and isn’t afraid of being to bold

    I know what I bring to the table and I have the dopest of souls

    To have the blessed opportunity to share a moment in time

    In a space where I am open enough to share with you my heart and my mind

    You know they do say that love is blind but I am seeing oh so clearly

    And I will not settle for what is just nearly….enough

    No Ima need you to rise above

    You better show to me that you are head over heels

    I need to see action before I hear the word love

    It’s the craziest thing to me how men who used to be

    Are Always try coming back around

    Like ima let you play me twice

    Boy you must think I am a clown

    You better put some respect on my name

    When you come trying to spit your game

    You know what just go ahead and have several seats

    Don’t even bother bringing your ass around me

    Cause I got the baddest bitch in my corner

    Her name is Karma and she wears the most beautiful crown

    I could tell her to take it easy on you

    But baby I am sorry I’m not sorry

    I’m so tired of you coming around

    So ima leave it up to Karma to put you in your place

    I got way to much shit to do and no time and for sure as hell no space

    All this wasted time you trying to convince me that I really wasn’t that fly

    Boy Bye.

    All this time you trying to convince me

    That now you’re a nice guy.

    Boy Bye.

    All this time you trying to convince me of lie after lie after lie

    Boy Bye

    Ninette Gonzalez

    Ninette Gonzalez

    My name is Ninette. I've been writing since I was a little girl. I still have my first poetry book from when I was only eight years old. I'm a Phoenix native, software developer by day and writer by night.  Now as an adult, I realize that coding resembles writing since there must be structure, commands, and the lines must all fit together to produce an output. Hence the reason why I chose poetry as my "thing". When it comes to my writing, the outcome I aim for is to evoke the reader's feelings of nostalgia. After all, that's the reason we cling to different forms of art, because someone turned their experiences into words which we relate to. Even if the memories aren't the prettiest thoughts, they help us remember exactly how we felt at a moment in time and serves as a reminder how far we've come. 

    My advice to women is to always love yourself first. I'm not talking about the egotistic or narcissistic type of self-love. I'm referring to the self-love that one experiences when we begin to discover ourselves and devote time to the things that are best for our highest purpose. From my experience, my relationships with others got better when I began to love myself more wholeheartedly. Insecurities began to disappear. Jealousy dwindled. There was no room for foolishness. Confidence began to flourish in me and left no space for anything that didn't add peace to my life. This applies to people and places, all relationships not just the romantic ones. Love yourself first and you'll start to witness the changes around and within you. It's the only way to truly thrive. 
    A Father's Last Wish

    My father once told me that when he leaves this Earth he will ask God for one last wish

    that I be in the hands of a man who will spend his eternity caring for me

    Dad left my heart heavy that day

    His last request consisted of his only daughter finding a love as unconditional and loyal as his

    when asked why, he said "cause the world is cruel and you are not…"

    the thought of not having half of my backbone frightened me 

    had to remind myself that if I have given parts of me to the wrong men

    imagine what it will be like when I become the rib of the right one

    He will remove the thorns the other ones left and I shall blossom 

    more beautifully simply due to the love he provides

    there is a man out there preparing himself for me

    unknowingly finishing my sentences as he speaks about energies

    grinding through his passions to make way for his dreams

    whose mind is yearning to be explored

    whose soul craves more than exterior beauty

    whose hands lace perfectly with mine

    Whose chest is waiting for my head to rest upon

    There is a man out there searching for me 

    and when we meet, I imagine he will know that his future stood before him before I became it. 

    New Year, New Mami- Don't Miss Your Opportunity!

    I was so excited when I saw the text show up on my phone that said "date night?"Ya'll know this single mother doesn't date much & if I do I have to plan it 2 weeks out. Some guys aren't willing to wait that long so...bye Felicia! The only day I had free was Wednesday, so we planned our date at a wine bar. 
    That same day I received a direct message from Dede (@dedegamez_) the founder of Adelante Mami (@adelantemami). She invited me to go to their meet up that very same day! I was so ecstatic! I had been following Adelante Mami for a while and I absolutely loved what they stood for and the movement they started. Women empowering women spoke to my soul. I knew 100% I wanted to be part of this movement. Without even thinking I said YES! Aye dios mio! I realized I had a date, I didn't want to cancel this date, I was so excited about it! Everything in me said go on this date,  you like this guy Caya! You know how rare that is! I knew exactly what I had to do. 
    How many times do single mothers put everything else before themselves? How many times have we wanted to go to that workshop but maybe we gave it up for a night with the girls? Or maybe there was a personal growth event we wanted to go to but a dinner date came up. As single mothers our time is so pressed that we have to choose wisely in where we want to spend our time and energy. Sometimes we pick that drunken night because we don't want to let everyone down. Sometimes we go on that date because we think to ourselves "I rather have hope in finding someone & that workshop will come around again." We get sucked into this habit and find ourselves stuck down the road. I'm not saying it's wrong but when you want to work on your personal growth, a drunken night might not be the best path to take (just in that moment haha). Put yourself first ladies! Go to the workshops! Join the book clubs! There's a conference you're interested in? DO IT! You never know who you will meet at these meetup or events; it takes the small decision to show up to have a positive change in your life. Your friends will still be there for girl nights. The dates will keep on coming because you are a hot commodity! Put yourself first and go to the events! I promise you, you won't regret it. 
    I called him after work and before he even said anything I said I have to postpone our date, there is this meet up I want to go to for Adelante Mami and explained what it was...after I was done rambling and apologizing, he said "You should absolutely go! This is such a great opportunity for you! I'm not going anywhere, we can reschedule for another night." The next day I felt so great after going to the meeting, I knew I was meant to be part of this movement. I was so happy I put myself first; I was content with making a decision for myself and no one else. Thursday night I most definitely rescheduled my date with this patient, supportive man. When I got the "Yes" text to our rescheduled date, I just smiled, just gotta Caya_Te & Live. 

    New Year, New Mami: Love, Lopez

    New Year, New Mami: Love, Lopez

    Hey Mami,


    My name is Jasmine Lopez and I am the owner of Love, Lopez. To me, being a Latina means to overcome physical and figurative barriers while keeping my Mexican roots. My parents immigrated here from Mexico in search of a better tomorrow. Y lo lograron for themselves and the family they so lovingly created. I may not speak perfect Spanish y no puedo echar un grito but thanks to them, I have the privilege to overcome the barriers I face as a minority by pursuing higher education and creating my own business. However, being an entrepreneur to me is not about being my own boss or thinking of the great profits it could generate. It is about doing something I love and giving back to those in need. There are countless amount of times I want to give up, stop responding, throw everything away because of the self-doubt that consumes me. Pero, Gracias a Dios. He’s given me the strength and support I need to keep going. So I don’t give up, and I do respond. In the end, I am able to be a part of touching moments in people’s lives like birthdays, engagements, weddings, baptisms, etc. which warms my heart. My goals for 2018 are to graduate in May with my bachelor’s degree in Social Work and to dedicate more time to Love, Lopez to be able to continue to give back to our community, spreading love, and putting smiles on others’ faces.

    Love, Lopez. ☕️💕