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    Hi, I'm Dede.

    Hi, I'm Dede.

    Hi Friend, 

    I'm so excited to get this blog and youtube going. I'm not the savviest woman in the world, but when I really want something I manage to figure it out eventually. That or I ask my boyfriend to do it for me. Love you, boo. I absolutely love the Adelante Mami platform, but it's only a piece of who I am. Like most Scorpios, we have many different sides and passions. I have always had my head in multiple clouds. I've struggled my entire life trying to figure out how to incorporate all of the things that I love into one. People have always told me I needed to focus on one thing. Quite frankly, I think that's bullshit. The truth is you can have it ALL. You don't have to settle for one thing and your life doesn't have to revolve around your responsibility to be whoever it is people think you are. 

    I'm a mother, a girlfriend, a professional, a leader, a student, a feminist, a singer, a writer, an entrepreneur, etc. It's always been a joke that "Dede does this" or "Dede does that". The name Dede Does It just made sense lol. I'm a dreamer and a do-er. I want to continue to do more things and challenge myself to try new things. I'm giving you a front row seat to the hot mess express so buckle up! I've always had people say I couldn't do things. I've always had people who discouraged me or said I wasn't doing things right. Maybe they were right, but at least I did it. I try. I learn. I never listen to anyone because I'm stubborn. If I feel something inside there's no one that can tell me any different. 

    I'll be sharing my personal family life, the making of my music, the corporate leadership gig and the continued building of Adelante Mami. Social media has given us unrealistic expectations and a picture perfect process for accomplishing our goals. Following people who have already "made it" is cool. But I'd much rather follow people who are grinding it out and you can see their progress over time. I'm much more interested in the story and the hustle than perfection. I have so many friends and meet so many women who struggle with pursuing their passion. Sometimes it's mom/wife guilt and other times it's plain insecurity. We make excuses and talk ourselves out of doing things. We put limitations on what we can do as women and follow whatever the current wave is. I hope that this blog and youtube videos inspire women to do something creative. Something that makes you feel alive! It doesn't have to be perfect. JUST DO IT! 




    Best of 2018

    Best of 2018

    Hey Mami,

    It's been a while! We're going to try this whole blog thing AGAIN mija. It has been one incredible year and it's definitely worthy of a recap and appreciation post. It has been so difficult to manage a full time job, our families and still be present on every social media platform. We are still learning and still progressing much like many of you amazing mujeres. 

    We had so many changes in 2018 and many challenges in our way. 2017 was AMAZING and we received such an out poor of love and support from the public and our community from the first conference. We also experienced some losses and partnerships that were severed, which has honestly been hard to recover from. I think it's important to note that we are not perfect and that having a lifestyle or community movement is tough in many aspects. I wanted to run the organization much like a sorority and assumed people could work with my expectations, which I later learned only pushed people away. I wanted to run with it full force and even though my intention was good, I was jacking everything up internally. I have other friends who have groups or organizations and the biggest thing I learned was this: Let people come and let people go. Don't give people positions. Don't apply pressure to something that is supposed to be fun. No one will be as invested as you are. Let people come and go as they please and you'll always be happy. Never have expectations of people. This works for us and it may not work for everyone. But I'm much more peaceful just allow things to be. 

    I will say that there are old faces, new faces, old ways of doing things, and new ways of doing things. This year has been a year full of immense growth and perspective for myself and for the business. It turns out my failures have become my biggest asset. 

    There have been many times I wanted to give up. I felt defeated early on and really needed a break. I wondered how the hell I could lead other women if I myself didn't have my shit together. If it wasn't for Priscilla I probably wouldn't have, but luckily she saw the vision and power in what we were doing that I sometimes didn't. After some soul searching and forgiveness of my own transgressions, we just said the hell with it and kept going. I'm sure you've wanted to give up too. I'm sure that whatever passion you were pursuing was either too overwhelming or seemed unattainable. And I hope that you found a way to keep going anyway! 

    I've managed to forget orders, organize a whole workshop with the wrong address, start a podcast that was hella delayed, our podcast episodes were accidentally deleted, almost had to cancel our entire yearly conference because we couldn't sell tickets, forgot or missed meetings, slacked on blog posts, bought the wrong type of plastic bags to sell, got wrong shirts ordered, the list keeps going on. 



    We also helped women jump start their side hustle and creative ventures. We started a podcast. We re-recorded the sessions and invited new guests. We were on the news. We got a sponsorship with Toyota! We got invited to a charitable event as Latina influencers. We participated in the Ella organization's Mujeres Mercado event for Latina Equal Pay. We were invited on a radio show. We worked with some of the most talented Latina women in the valley and partnered for collaborative photoshoots We held multiple workshops and gave other chicas the opportunity to lead it. We miraculously pulled off the most bad ass inspirational and funnest Latina women's conference in Phoenix ever! We have so many things to be proud of. So many things to look forward to! Y como siempre seguimos ADELANTE. The journey will not be perfect, but it's a road worth traveling. Thank you all for being a part of our story. For sharing our vision, for sharing our tears, our laughs, our excitement and being a part of our future. We can do this together! We have your back homegirl. Let's throw some glitter and get it poppin' for 2019.