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    Mami Vision Statement

    It is our heart’s greatest desire to help others achieve personal growth through shared testimonies, poetry, social outings, mentoring, community service opportunities, and professional resources.


    Mami Mission Statement

    Adelante Mami is a lifestyle movement, empowering Latina women to continue moving forward and follow their passion. With a vast network of professionals, Adelante Mami can lends its services as a progressive partner to Latina women focused on their personal & professional growth.


    Mami Values


    • Commitment to diversity
    • Embracing all of who YOU are (in multiple spaces & cultures)
    • Accepting of all people, regardless of where they are at in their cultural identity journey
    • Bridging gaps and challenging stereotypes that divide us


    • Maintaining a supportive attitude
    • Community over competition
    • Develop & foster your creativity
    • Follow your passion


    • Demonstrate love for one another
    • Collaborative focused teamwork
    • Passion and commitment to service
    • Innovative Service- encouraged thinking outside of the box to help people in need